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Bai tap tieng anh BTTA

Scapegoat Young
Airline Sign
yourself Bit
Even so

1. What kind of…….. would you need ?
2. Many companies………a lot of importance to market research.
3. This can be difficult when viewing with one-way…….and video cameras are used.
4. The managers of an airport want to find out what travellers and passengers think of the services offered in side the airport…………
5. Hoover should have realized that this was a …….for disaster!
6. Weren’t the people that set it up quite…….?
7. Underwriters are insure professionals who assess risks and decide a price of premium for accepting to…….against it.
8. Quantitative market researchers write complex computer models to analyse the figures and to produce a…….set of results.
9. The 35-years old trader is one of a………number of individual inventors.
10. The posters used……..versions of famous paintings.
11. This …… have been the best ever at $250million.
12. Mc Donald’s made a classic sales promotion ……with its heavily advertised 25th anniversary offer.
13. The insurance companies a surprisingly flexible and do not ……. Any of the sporst although they increase premium in some cases.
14. Before you……. the policy you should check its terms carefully.
15. To …… you the truth, I’m happy with our existing suppliers.
16. The best….. was about this insurance brocker who organized cover for people making TV commercials.
17. An …….research team speacializes in disaster.
18. In this respect, the right envirotment is ……., so the discussion room must be as comfortable as possible.
19. During the rush hour it used to take……to pass the tiket collectors.
20. ……….? It’s illegal! Do you think I should report her?
21. Your …… Barry Johnson said you could supply the parts.
22. They’re very………and we have never had any trouble with them.
23. ……his business speed is everything .
24. I use an on…. .trading company to place orders.
25. Although he was only 3 he needed a life_saving……….
26. On the…… first day of trading share prices rocketed and the company was worth something like $730 million.
27. The……….for the damage can’t be right.
28. To be honest, I’m not sure I like the way men are presented in ads nowadays. You know, completely…….at everything.
29. Stockbrokers act as …….between investors and the stock market.
30. Yeah,…..have two or three big claims one after the other.
31. However well_organized the foundatious of life may be, life must always be full of……….
32. Spoken English often used all the same or………..instead of however and nevertheless.
33. There are many ………. Used in market economics which have not been translated into vietnamese yet.
34. The agency responsible for the compaigns explains that they are ……….consumers in exactly the time.
35. It made them…….., because the woman kept the car.
36. ………profit is the profit that remains after paying all the expenses and taxes.
37. I think it is good way of earning an extra bit of……..
38. The government ………jobs for unemployed people during the depression.
39. I’d encourage you … use public transport, a healthy and ecological choice.
40. A car hit her motocycle so she …….down the licence number on the back so she tell the police.
41. We’re not looking for a ……….
42. Oh yes, that UK site for cheap last-minute deals on ……tickes and holidays.
43. Where would you put…….on this scale?

Investment helps an economy expand and provide a better standard of living for its people. One of the most popular ways for people to save money and to put it to work as an investment is through the purchase of stocks.
Stock represents the ownership of a company. A company will issue hundreds, or thousands of shares of stock that can be purchased by individuals as an investment. The money that is paid for stock goes to the company for its use. When a company wants to expand or rebuild its factories, it can borrow money or it can sell stock to raise the cash.
For an investor, shares of stock can be attractive in two ways. The company will pay a dividend to its shareholders. This money comes from the profits of the company money left over after a company pays all of its costs of doing business. Typically, a company will announce every three months that it is paying a dividend, say of $1, for each share of stock held on that day. If you own 100 shares you will receive $100 as return on your stock investment.
The second attraction for the purchase of stocks is that they can grow in value. A corporation may have a million shares of stock that are on sale for $10 a share. A person can buy 100 shares and start colleecting any dividends the company is paying. After a year, he might find that the shares are now selling at $15 a share. The invester could then sell his shares and take a profit of 50% for the year or longer and hope that their price will go even higher. Of course, it is possible the stock may fall in value and the investor would have to decide between selling and waiting to see if the price will rise again. The reward can be high because the investor is taking a risk when he invests his money. Investments that involve higher risks should pay higher returns to the invesor. More secure investments usually pay lower returns.

1.What does the investment help people in an economy?
2.What is the function of the stock?
3.How is the dividend paid?
4.Will the shareholders sell their shares when the stock fall in value?
5.What is the factor important in playing stocks?

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